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Nothing has changed, we are still the same except we have a new name. We are dedicated to allsorts sexual - We are a 100% FREE casual dating web site with articles and sex toy reviews. You can also purchase sex toys from our growing range.

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Our primary purpose is to provide a free platform for likeminded adults to meet others. We also sell and review sex toys. It goes with out saying, you should be over 18 to continue viewing our site. It contains adult content and some nudity.

We hope that you enjoy what we offer and would urge you to comment where appropriate and interact with us via our blog or social media activities and hope you will join our free adult classifieds forum.

Having built an enviable reputation as the UK's best free web site for casual sex encounters, we strive hard to keep spammers and timewasters away so you can just enjoy the fun. We never charge anything, everything we offer is free for any member to use.

Primarily a free meeting site for likeminded individuals, we have always welcomed all genders and sexual kinks into our community and have and always will strive to offer a free of charge, free of spam community with the sole aim of bringing people together. Our original ethos of no spam and free still stands as the main driving force in our online efforts. We take pride in offering all our services free of any charges.

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We will bring you regular updates, musings, sex toy showcases and reviews that are inline with our lifestyle.

In addition to our forum, we undertake sex toy reviews, presented to you in written and video formats. An in depth look at some of the most popular products in todays market and hope to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.

Because we offer a meeting place that is accessable to all, sextoy product reviews and the occasional sexually related article, we though it better that our name should embrace all these aspects of our online presence hence our name change to sexual allsorts.

Thank you for your continued support in the past, the present and hopefully into the future.

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